is duo worth it in ranked?

over my 1 year of playing i have played with lots of duos but i dont know if its just me but i can never trust them you give them a chance and lets say you duo now in a ranked if i feed ill go 0/2 or maybe even 0/3 on a bad game but ill try my best after that to play safe farm and look for plays to help me get back into the game and for my team but then you got your duo partner why is it every time i duo with somebody they feed 10+ deaths? want to surrender at 15 and does not give a single **** about winning the game? its to the point that i wont duo with anybody because i just cant trust them in game what do you guys think? i thought you did duo to duo carry games? or at least try! ps im not saying the duo has to do well in every game im just saying why they feed 10+ kills and give up like really?
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