Please Add a new interaction for Sona's ult & passive

As we all know, after casting 3 abilities, Sona's next basic attack gains an additional effect, depending on the last ability cast. However, her Ult does not count for some weird reason. I believe it would be reasonable if Sona's Ult gave her a stack for her passive. And also, if the Ulti was cast last, it should give a unique additional effect for your next basic attack - for example, her next basic attack could apply a single target Stun for 2 or 3 seconds. It could be quite useful for those situations when you cast your Ult, but some enemies around you are still not stunned, because you missed, or for some other reason. It would increase the skillcap for the champion, and encourage people to time their passive more accurately. Sona is amazing champion and fun to play, but I believe she could use some more mechanics to outplay her opponents

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