Why is Jinx allowed to be strong early, mid and late game as a hyper carry?

Lets be honnest, she is a hyper carry and none of those should be able to be strong at early game. Just take a look at Vayne or Tristana for example, both have weak early game but as a compensation, their late game scalings are insane. What about Jinx? - If she needs more AS she will use the piggy gun. - If she needs more range + aoe she will switch to the shark - If she doesen't feels safe or doesen't have a ward, she will ZAPPERINO through the bush - If she kills your support you can't punish her becouse she takes LSD Wtf guys? - Why is she allowed to have such a good laning phase as a hyper carry? Why the hell she scales so well into the late game if she doesen't have weak early? She even outranges Caitlyn when she switches to the Shark gun ant thats unfair, not to mention that her kit ofers her 2 damn self peels if she manages to hit them. Idk I am maybe an idiot, but Imo, she's the strongest ADC these days because she can adapt to any situation.
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