Rework Taliyah passive please.

IMO, it's useless, it's literally{{item:3117}} But you can only use it on walls. The worst part is, you can't use it in _**Teamfights**_ what the game is basically all about (fighting with your team and winning) Like it's early nice to get in lane, but mid/late game, it becomes useless. if someone attack you, you can't use that passive for_** 5 whole seconds**_. and if you use an ability, without hitting someone, it goes on cooldown too for some weird reason... And for ganking, you're gonna use your ultimate anyways. PS: that ult cooldown is way too high for what it does. TF ult is better in all ways. Maybe this can help her Passive late game: 5 / 4 / 3 second cooldown at lvls 1 / 6 / 11 (Maybe a 2 second cooldown at level 16) But IMO, it's still a useless passive.

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