This season is %%%%ing unplayable

You finally did it. This game has become the garbage that was always lurking around the corner. There was always usually couple picks but those could mostly always fit in the ban category. Now it's like you got Kassadin, Ahri, Zed, Ezreal, Vayne, Kaisa, Yorick, Jax, Darius, Garen, there's just simply an overflow of rediculously broken champions, there used to be like 5 broken max before but since rune reworks the brokenness and unviability just jumped off the roof. Of course you could go some niche setups like Karma + Heimerdinger on bottom and completely roflstomp anyone, but mostly it's just % damage ADC or super high mobility impossible to catch combos combined with all the exhaust buffs and defensive talents and even the %%%%ing carry heal that makes 2v2 trades impossible to get 1 on both teams because you usually target the carries with the heal and supports never are able to down a carry with 20% health. I went couple games ago Renekton, I had level advantage double W on Darius with enrage, 3rd with level 2 skill and Q after flash, with ignite, thought I would kill him and what does happen? He's %%%%ing surviving with a tiny bit of health to soon later healing back to 50% and still having enough mana to challenge me in duel. There was bullshit ever since the days of AP Sion going around and stomping games. Yes those were "bad times" because it allowed people to pick a champion with no brains to win. Now it's literally like 99% of the games I'm matched against teams that simply I can have 0 counterplay. Like Thresh using lantern to save Zed who already has instant flash, another instant flash, another instant flash, trying to gank him with a Bard. All supports are now overloaded with defensive tools to make any attempt to outplay a wasted effort. All top laners are overloaded with kits to facetank 5 people with full damage gear. All mid laners are overloaded with 1 shot capacity after just getting couple kills lead. Every single game is frustrating mess of waiting whoever gets the first 5 kills to end up with 99% chance to determine the winning team. I mean Heroes of the Storm was garbage and suffered the same problem, but now this game is even more snowbally on how stupidly broken this new gold reward is. If I pick late game jungle it's a coin toss. If I pick early game jungle it's a %%%%ing coin toss. If I take champion like Gangplank and want to participate in fights around the map, it's a %%%%ing coin toss because I'm practically useless after level 3, outside of ultimate. There's no strategy anymore, no teamcomps, all is just random shit fest of bad mechanics combined with whoever happens to get most of the broken runes. Bunch of 0 skill 1 tricks in master and rank 1s. Even normals aren't fun anymore due to constant crashes and tryhards who demand I need to gank their lane constantly even when I'm in jungle and if I'm picking off meta jungle.
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