Why Pyke?

So. Pyke looks pretty good from the teaser, ill give you that, but his themes seem a _bit_ overused. Gameplay-wise and lore-wise. 1. Hooks. The champ teaser and the teaser in the ask riot have something to do with hooks. Another champ that lives in or around Bildgewater that uses hooks. We have Thresh for that. He’s also an%%%%her supp (from ask riot). Im not saying being supp is bad, just that it would be better if we didnt have another hook champ in supp. They’re already there (even if nauti designed for top). 2. Pirate/ex-pirate. We have 2 pirates already. I get we needed a Bildgewater champ but they could have gone with a more original path with it, like a sea monster or a more lighthearted Bilge champ (they’re all so serious, exept maybe fizz). 3. Taking vengence. This would be more original if it wasnt on a champ related to Bildgewater/shadow isles (_cough_ Gangplank, lucian, kalista _cough_) But other than his themes, most things seem like they will be good. Also, i can see the twist in his shortstory being something like the ppl that let him drown did it cause it was a Harrowing (hence the ghostly apearence of his hands in the teaser). {{sticker:vlad-salute}} _Bye for now,_ _Crablobster10_
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