Some feedback on Kayn

- Kayn is extremely punished when behind, not only is his passive delayed if he is not consistently doing damage to champions, he is punished by having to wait 4 extra minutes if the form is not the one he wants averaging a behind kayn getting his form at around 15 minutes which is too damn long as the game is already being decided at this time. - Blue form is very weak if not snowballing resulting in the champion being inconsistent as he has no hard cc and only mediocre damage and mobility. Blue form passive/ultimate is also very underwhelming since the passive is negated by both armor and mr along with his ultimate dealing very little damage even to squishy targets. - His jungle clearing is very good however does not gain his passive by doing so, instead you must find skirmishes/ganks to do so. This champion does not have many tools to gank very successfully like other junglers such as lee sin and elise as all he has is a 60% decaying slow for a second and a very short dash which you need to be close in the first place to get the double damage, his e is very nice for ganking however in combination with the rest of his kit you will rarely gain any kills maybe blowing a flash if you are lucky. On top of all this kayn is a weak dueler, he stands no chance vs a lee/elise simplying because they just out dps him and have more utility/mobility so invading with this champion is out of the question. In conclusion i am quite disappointed, the only thing i am satisfied with is his darkin form which performs very well however cannot say the same for the blue form. One addition i would make to the blue form is to make his ultimate do scaling execute damage based on how long he has been inside them which gives decent counterplay for the enemy team to use stuff such as heal/shields lulu ult etc. but at the same time feel rewarding when you use your combo on a lone adc and finish them off with the ult. I just feel this champion is incomplete and is the living definition of feast or famine.
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