Tanks hits more than any Role

So, this season, every lane except tanks has been nerfed badly. Garen for example, has a True damage ult which deals around 1.5K, basically that could oneshot adc's, with no counterplay to it. They can't be killed since they have too much armor / magic resist and HP. Maybe few of some characters scale with current health or max health. I'd love to see a damage nerf globally on tanks. Adc's in this season takes more outplays than ever before. Tanks aren't supposed to have damage in general, they're supposed to survive many things, so they can tank towers, and tank damage. Not deal more damage than any role. if you don't wanna nerf tanks damage globally. Every game i've been in people say "ADC / Assassin in 2017 bla bla", which shouldn't even be mentioned. Garen and Darius could oneshot anyone without any counterplay, which in my opinion isn't very balanced. These are my opinions. But i hope many people agrees tanks have basically more damage than adc's. And yes, i do focus more on Darius and Garen since they have true damage ults which deals lots of damage, and they have no counterplay at all. Garen has a silence which means you cannot flash or cast spells, all you have is your basic for 1.5s. And an ultimate that deals around 1.5K damage You cannot run from him either, he has a 30% movement speed buff from his Q. he Regen around 100hp/s from warmog and passive. Do you agree?
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