League of SNOWFLAKES ..

I am seriously gutted to see how brain numbing this game has become to please the masses of snowflake sheep that now play this game. - I've invested 6 years into this game to see it become a absolute horrible saturated mess. what happened to Interesting ban and pick phases - What happened to clever outplays, mechanics, wave manipulation, the meaning of actually farming? all this season has become is a coin flip of toxicity, insane over the top damage, one shot finger banging spam and sadly no skill to get ahead. there are way way way to many forgiving ways to get back into the game once behind which is WRONG on so many levels.. what is the point of trying if your efforts get replaced by a game that actually rewards the opposing player for playing badly. this game has become a game for Snowflakes that can not use a brain cell to think of anything but damage, oneshot, damage. - How is it acceptable for a someone to be able to get a Ludens Echo with 55 farm and a score of 0/3/3 and still have insane damage! at this point its beyond me what game this really is and why we put up with it. never mind I'll baaa my way back to the heard like the rest of us SHEEP. RIOT you seriously have destroyed such a great game.
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