End of Season Rewards 2018 | League of Legends
Victorious Orianna takes the stage for the end of the 2018 season! Climb your way to the top and earn ranked rewards that get better the higher you go. All ranked players at Honor level 2 or above earn rewards. The season ends on November 12.
Hi everyone, So we are all hoping to get our desired rewards for the end of the season, i hit gold for the 1st time this season early on in solo queue and currently trying to climb on flex to hit plat at least somewhere. i found out that the borders will, instead of being given as part of ranked reward for season 8, they will only be achieved after we play our first placement games. correct me if im wrong but after the soft reset ill probably be placed into silver and we will all be given dynamic borders that will reflect our current rank not previous seasons ranks. if I've understood this correctly i may not get a gold border after a season of games upon games, instead ill be given an icon and a skin for a champion i dont play...? i hope i can get clarification on this somewhere because on the link i provided there is **no mention of borders**, instead just them over compensating for its absence with flashy superfluous, and somewhat ugly chromas.

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