Very disappointed in the SG Event

Honestly, I had been looking forward to this event all year, hoping "Invasion" would be re-introduced as PvE. Sadly it had been announced no more PvE games will be made in the future about 1 or 2 months ago. However, this is not the part I am disgusted of. Normally, "events" nowadays give "event-points" and icons, which in a way I find very unsatisfying, but it is free so I shouldn't be complaining. But for the SG event, which I think should be a pretty big one, only gives blue essence for 5 missions, and 1 chest + key? I mean, as a player that has been actively playing for the last 8 years I DO NOT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT BLUE ESSENCE. I already have every champion and about 25 rune pages. Regarding the missions themselves. The only missions that were close to challenging so far have been the in the Odyssey event. EVERY other mission has been a sort of "oh-I-am-playing-the-game-without-even-knowing-I-have-missions-to-begin-with" type of missions. I am sorry, but I can hardly call them missions at all. I can really see why Riot is handling missions in this way (with the passes and all). But I (I think I speak for a large proportion of the community) would like to see Riot put more effort in their missions. Making them harder. Connecting them to EVENT-SPECIFIC MAPS. The addition of the game modes specfically for the events were what made the missions more interesting.
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