the FF word

FF = Forefit, aka "giving up" what the flying fuck is this? is this a new trend? i would expect something like this come up in a bronze league, but me seeing it in plat and above? really? understand me right, but why the fock would you start a ranked game just to give up after 3-4 kills to the enemey, this is beyound stupid, this is bronze level talk, and i auto see anyone now that calls this FF in chat as a bronze player or bronze minded player. Where the fock did the spirit go guys? you never see the pros give up. you see the pros work the game around and at least fight back all they can, this might not be LCS, buts its ranked and you god dam give all you have in ranked, if you dont want to to can, then go play normals. FF dos NOT belong in ranked, i dont wonna see it here, get lost! chuuu
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