Did i get randomly worse at my champion and in lane??

Hi , i'm a Jhin main , and i mainly play him . Some days ago i hit the mark of silver II with a good 9-10 win streak . I jumped 2 divisions because of it (I know it's not extraordinary , i know i'm not that good at the game). What i would do , is simply carry . I have well over 400k mp with him .. and i'm used to getting ahead and carrying my team myself because i don't trust them enough . It didn't matter if the support sucked , i would still carry . I would go 14/0/7 , 10/3/9 .. mainly more than 10 kills each game . Lately though , something changed instantly ,and i keep losing , i keep being bad at laning phase , i cant carry anymore , i die more , my team dies more and that ends in total destruction .. i trust people here , so what do you reckon i should do? I'm now silver 3 with 35 lp or so..
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