Tahm Kench is a dead fish in the water this patch.

Tahm top and bot used to be a big problem for most players, specially those who rather pick counter champions than sticking to 1-3 champion who play constantly. But now, the champion he used to absolute destroy in lane, counters him hard. I'm speaking of Blitz and Renk ofc. Tahm is massively tanky with his shield and whenever a Renk would push the lane in top. Tahm would just duel him, take minium damage and spit him out on the turret leaving the little lizard either dead or walking out without a tail, but now. Whenever Tahm need to be extra sure to use his shield, after Renk use his Fury bar or his W, otherwise he will be the fish in a barrel. Same goes for support, Tahm use to be of no threat bot, cause if he get grabbed by Blitz he used to just lick the robot, stun him and then gobble him up for a free kill, or Save him ADC with 1 swift W from that Hook. But now, Blitz can always aim to hook (at 6) towards Tahm without Tahm having any way of actually saving himself except for flashing away. If he tries to gobble the blitz up he will be instantly killed and die and if he tries to use his shield to live, he will get electrified and lose all remaining options to live. Honestly. I hope this will either take Tahm Kench out of Esport Meta, or make Renk and Blitz a must pick in competitive. I can't wait ^_^
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