I need someone to help/coach me(Silver)

So if you look at my match history, I am on a MASSIVE losing streak and went from 89LP S4 to 0 LP S5. THese past few days have tilted me as I kept on losing and each match becomes more unbearable with so many afkers and flamers. All it takes is one wrong word or advice and that gets my teammates so angry they troll. I have tried every role to see which one I am good at. My MAIN role is top but I have started losing so many games on top that I am trying to experiment with different lanes and I am losing as well. I need someone who can maybe spectate what I am doing and see what I am doing wrong. Because with so amny lossses, I dont think I can blame my team in all of them(though some games became unwinnable because of flamers, trolls, first time champs in ranked, ect...). I am starting to become aware that it may be my fault and I cant see why I am on such a losing streak. Any help is welcome.
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