What the FU are you suppose to do against master yi late game?

There is NOTHING, nothing, nothing you can do against this braindead champion late game. He is literally a 'survive to win champion', all of his names fit him 'Press click to win', 'Survive to win', all of this is god damn true. I've been against so many yis that feed early game and woah, as soon as they hit the lvl 16 mark you can do jack - against them. They can 1v5 your entire team, nothing can stop them, tanks? Shreds through them. Armour? Shreds through them. Items? Zhonyas - It will deactivate and he will SHRED you. Steraks? Activate and he will still SHRED through you. CC? He'll get cced... Then he'll SHRED through you. Seriously, what am I suppose to do against master yi post level 16? Is there actually anything you can do? Or is it just 'Master Yi reaches 16, game over'. It infuriates me how helpless I feel when we've been doing amazing all game, completely destroying all our lanes, we have all our drakes, the score is 30 to 10 and we have 6 turrets to 1 but nope, as soon as yi reaches 16 it's all gone because he can just click q and your team disappears. Any genuine tips for countering him post 16?
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