Jungle Swain (I know it sounds troll, but it's so good!)

Jungle Swain!™ Just listen to me before you click away! When I played Draft Pick one day and called mid my team told me to respect pick order, I did, but there was one thing. Another player in the team had called jungle, though I was before him in pick order. So naturally, with my trolly mind, I decided to quote the team: respect pick order. They told me that I was going to be reported, which I already knew I was going to be, but I didnt care. I died a few times (six times) to jungle creatures in the beginning, but it went really well, to my surprise! At the end of the game I had the second most kills in the team, mid beat me on that, and I ended up with 2 helpful honors and one teamwork honor. Jungle Swain!™ Here is how I build. Since Swain is an AP champ, and AP champs dont survive easily in jungle, Jungle Swain!™ needs to have both AP and AD. First buy Hunter's Matchete, 3 Health Pots and a trinket. You're gonna build the Hunter's Matchete to Warrior's Blade with the enchantment Runeglaive. Yeah, Runeglaive, heard of that? Second, build to Blade of the Ruined King, which is nessecary to live, since it grants alot of AD and Life Steal instantly. The third item is going to be Death's Dance, one of the newest items. This is the second AD item, and it works well since it has +10% CDR and the passives work well with Swain aswell. Now you're going to build some AP. This is the fourth item of the full build, and it is Rod of Ages. It has lots of mana and health, which you will notice, is needed in the jungle for Swain. After Rod of Ages is completed, build to Nashor's Tooth. It has AP, Attack Speed and CDR, so it works well here. Now for the final item. Bloodthirster. This is another AD item, which grants a shield when you have full health and grants 20% Life Steal. So, there you have it! If you meet Kalista, or anyone that can kill you instanlty, build Rod of Ages after Blade of the Ruined King so you get more health and can survive a failed gank. And dont expect anyone to like you when you pick Jungle Swain!™, unless I bring it in to the mainstream, which I doubt will happen. Have fun! And remember to say Jungle Swain!™ after everygame to piss everyone off! EDIT Forgot masteries! But here they are: Ferocity: Sorcery 5/5, Feast Vampirism 2/5, Natural Talent 3/5 Oppressor Battering Blows 5/5 Deathfire Touch Cunning: Savagery 5/5 Runic Affinity 5/5 Meditation 5/5 Dangerous Game
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