League of Legends is not what it was

I just want to say that I have spent a lot of time on that game and it was fun. But for some reason, you guys decided to make this game worse, for any reason you changed strategy game to something abnormal. You made lot of stories that were true, they were about champion and his story, but when you open the game, play the champion that is known as adc from void, or spear of vengeance and you go to summoner's rift, all the things you wrote just dissapear. This game was known by long fights, making some plays, trying to play as a team, supporting others, protecting adc, stunning enemies so mid can go in and charm their face for top that instantly jumps in and take all the dmg on himself. But somehow, the whole point of this game was sucked by a big hole, the biggest hole in this game called oneshot. You are still buffing champs so the game is good, but... you guys don't realize that you buffed it way too much. The problem is not in buffing, creating new champs, the problem is in the game where you spend 30 mins of farming, outplaying enemies, just for being killed by rengar's R, zyra's E, veigar's R, talon's jump, garen's spin, lee's q (this is still acceptable since he is kinda hard) but the thing is you don't need skill, you don't need to farm, you don't need to win the lane, you don't need to be a teamplayer, you don't need to peel for others, you actually just pick darius, kill one member that is feeding, and then you take them down one by one. I think, you should debuff all the things, all the spells, all the items, make this game longer (fights), make it about strategy, make it about the story of the champs you created ! People want to play kindred that is harvesting souls strayed in the forest, you want to kill the monster called baron that is able to kill you all if you don't give it enough attention, you want to face dragon with such a power, you want to face turrets where dmg is same for tank/assasin (hp difference) you want to face a garen that goes in with his army, supportin their moral, and taking the dmg so his team can act. You don't want to watch garen's tank killing jg by one q,R when he stayes there in 1v5 for 5 secs and escaping with msg easy. THIS IS NOT THE GAME WE KNEW RIOT.. This is not the game.. I was supporting you for a long time, but for now.. I just feel like you don't know what to do.. the problem is you don't need to do something, you already created the game, people already knows you, don't let em forget what this game was capable of. Thanks for any answer/help/support/things what you have done/creations and thanks to anyone reading that, hope you guys will help me {{summoner:4}} back to meta we knew.
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