"scream it at your monitor, not at your keyboard"

this time i will scream it at my keyboard _Dear jungler who came to my lane and fed a kill to my oponent who happened to be Riven/Vayne/Tryndamere/whatevercansnowball._ _I hope that every time you play this game as a laner, your jungler does the same to you._ _I hope every game you play you are snowballed against even if you do well, because your jungler fuucks you up._ _I hope every such game you get undeserved flame for being a feeder, just as what was my fate because of you._ _You deserve every single bit of flame, insult, and blame you have ever recived in this game._ _The information about your mother's intimate life your teammates throw at you are most likely correct._ _You could have 4 pre-reform Reginalds in your team for 20 games, all of them focusing their atention on you, and that would still be not enough flame for what you have done to me as a laner._
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