New loading screen - opinions?

I would like to ask you how do you like the new loading screen? In my opinion it is ugly, bad and broken Not sure about you, but when I compare the older one to the new one I cant think of anything else, before you could have seen large images, clearly showing what mastery are your teammates, along with summoner spells and a lovely borded from ranked. Now I do not see the masteries anymore, images are smaller, runes & summoners are wierdly placed and gosh, arent those borders just disgusting? Now I am no technician, but I can say with certainty that there is something odd about the loading, at least for me, the number in 1 out of 5 games gets stuck on 4% or randomly stucks on other percentage, will take incredibly long time to load and since I can not see if its me, or my opponents I just wait, often resulting in the game remaking or me logging in 5 minutes later. What are your takes? Do you like it? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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