sion pls

hey there, sion main wannabe here. i love sion. his kit is really cool in my opinion and i wish i could play him more. its so much fun running around with 7000 HP making it feel like everyone is just tickling you, but still, sion has a lot of problems and i would love to see some slight buffs to him. his q is all right, and its probably the most unique ability he has. landing stuns feels impactfull and rewarding in the early game, but it feels a bot lackluseter later on because of howm uch mobility everyone has these days. his w is cool, but i wish it had more to it. early on it helps trading and does some decent damage, but later on its just a shield. you almost never get the time to pop it unless you engage with your ult and use it on the way. his e is neat, helps him catch up to people and cleaves armor, which makes him prettty great at peeling for his team. it also feels like the only way to hit your q is to hit an e before. not sure if i can find any problems with it. his ult is great and feels unique. amazing iniciation, gives a lot of options, does decent damage, but it just doesent feel as frightening as it should. when i hear that sound when he ults, im supposed to be scared, wondering where he will come from. i would personally like some more speed to it, since everyone just dodges it. and his passive is absolutely useless. as if kogmaw passive wasnt ban enough, you get something even worse. yes, it has its moments but theyre too rare. i would much prefer having a chance to cast one more ability before you die the second time. right now its like "ok, we killed sion, now lets just ignore the dead body and move on" but what it should really be like is " ok we killed sion, get ready for his passive". see what i mean? its just not impactfull what so ever, and as a champion that is supposed to be scary, threatening and hard to deal with, he just feels lackluster. is riot planning on any small buffs to him?
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