What are you trying to achieve by nerfing Jungle? Please can someone from Riot answer this?

Hey, Same thing again just nerfing jungle. I know it is the most influential role in the game. But it will always be the most influential role in the game. You camp a lane or do shit tone of ganks. Remember what is jungle. A jungle has control over the whole map that's the way it is. It will always be the most influential role. I don't understand what do wanna achieve by nerfing it. Like you nerfed Red smite, Jungle exp, No trackers knife etc. What is the point of all this. What do you want junglers to do. By nerfing all these thing look at the bigger picture. You just making the role more over powered. You introduced scuttle crab. Now invading is all about lane priority. And it is so frustrating enemy jungle is invading me because they have prio in every single lane what am I supposed to do. Like that makes no sense. It's like if I make 1 or 2 succesful gank the enemy jungle can't play the game anymore. Like this is what's happening junglers look like smurfs abusing lane prio. It is so stupid how much a jungler sacrifice both in pro play and in solo Q just because they have losing lanes. Please stop nerfing it there is no way you can stop jungle from being the most influential role the game. At worse you are just buffing them. One jungler is king kong and other is monkey just because one has three winning lanes and other don't even have a %%%%ing trackers knife. So stupid stop ruining our favourite game. If you wanna change the game just stop making overpowered shit and start buffing instead of perma nerfing everything.
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