Diana needs our help..

As a person who have been playing Diana{{champion:131}} for over half a year if not more. The following I wanna post about is something that has been on my mind for a long time, if not just as long as my playtime, but just recently decided after losing most hope and fun in the champion. I hope the following is something other people can agree to or atleast put time into seeing my point of, since I really want to see Diana come back again, from the dark place we call "Forgotten champions." So what I want to talk about is Diana as not only a jungler or laner, but the champion overall, she is strong yes, but she lacks alot of things, that cause her to not appeal to players anymore, and therefore is barely played as much as she used to back in the days, it seems and feels to me as if Diana is no longer what she used to be, when she was created she was strong and powerful and fitted how the game machinics and champs was back then. But with all the adjustments, reworks, new mechanics, items and overall champions both before and after Dianas release, she just doesn't seem to be "fitting in" anymore, or be able to "Live up" to the other champions, both they way they are mechanical and so on. So my first point, and also my biggest wonder is her as a jungler, do keep in mind I am far from one of the oldest or best league players, so this might just be me stating useless points and facts. Nor was I around when Diana was first released, but saw alot of stuff from then. Also do keep in mind this is spoken from my own point of view and from how my games turns out, therefore this is seen from my perspective. While Diana can late game be a potential strong jungler, if played right that is, she lacks a lot potential earlier in the game, while you see many other junglers, be able to gank with pretty good results as soon as they hit level 3. Champs as Olaf, Xin Shao, Fiddlesticks, Shyvanna, Odyr, Nautilus and so on, just to name a few. What these have in common is that all of them has way more gab closers, and potential in their ganking alone by themselves, it feels to me that Diana is not really very effective if you may before she hits level 6, which in my opinion is way to long of a waiting time for someone to wait for ganks, specially considering that players as I can clean my side of the jungle in under 5 minuts mark, and only stand as level 4, and therefore will have to either start farming minions in my teams lanes, causing them to miss their farm,and risking ruining their early game. Or try to gank, but fail horribly if my team is not strong enough to secure me a good gank, from Dianas lack of good early game potential in ganking, and probably die instead risking early game power and eventually late game as well because of enemy team getting good lead in kills. If not those options, i have the one called wait it out, but that will just leave me useless for the time being of my jungle respawning, which again is not too well for my game as a jungler. While I do understand that others might see potential as Diana level 4, depending on her team being able to put up effective ganks for her or not. It still seems to me as even then, she is still not very effective before her level 6 has been reached. Which gives her quite the downsides in power compared to other junglers, which makes her fall behind alot unless as said, her team can keep her up, which sadly most of the time is not the case. My second wonder is her in the laning point of view,while she is lot stronger in laning, she even then lacks a great potential since as said not much CC or gabclosing. Again do keep in mind this is from my point of view. So respect my point, as well as i respect yours. Diana is decently strong in laning, such as midlane, and toplane for the ones who have the nerves. But even there it seems that she do not belong there, she has no stuns, no real hardcore slows, while she is strong against melees like Katarina and so, she is even against other melees not the too strongest, and I from experience seems to not feel too well playing her mid against a ranged enemy, even in top lane typical tanks is the enemy, and when such happens you are pretty done as well. My overall point is, that Diana dont seem to give the kind of "Homelike" feeling, no matter where you go her. Or so that is how i feel, I do understand things can change, depending on the individual player. My third and last thing, is not something I will go too deep with, but I just want to take a moment to talk about her kit, compared to many of the other champs. With all the new mechanics and "Balances" (LOL) in the game, I think Diana might atleast need a rework, or some kind of larger adjustment putting her on a somewhat equal state to the other champs. Yes Diana has a insane damage i get it. But what is the point of having a great damage, when you have nothing to do to use that damage. Mhm? So my overall question about this. Do others feel or think the same about this, or am I the only, if so, by all means feel free to leave comments and lets start a constructive chat about this, as we all in the end will get an "award" if ya may. I also left a poll in here for the ones who feel like leaving their mark on this. Feel free to.
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