Broken champs that need 0 skills to master

so league now have a really broken champs, tanks mostly, i mean why would you play adc when u can play a tank that do the same dmg or less by 2k ?, how many game have i lost just because the enemy are playing with op champs not because they are skilled or good, i lost a promo with a fed yi in my team and i was jhin and we did have yasuo , and the enemy had vayne and at the end, rammus in enemy team had the highest dmg in the game, this is not fun anymore, champs like rammus and mokai and nasus , need to be reworked or nerfed or do any thing with them. rammus champ having a 1000 ms and too many cc and he dose more dmg then any adc , nasus have a really broken slow that there is no way u will escape even if u flash and his Q passive makes him do sooo much dmg when he is tank, and more and more, it's becoming league of tanks, soo many games i go with twitch i get fed like 8/0 then i get 1 shoted by 1/2 malph or 0/2 nasus or 2/3 rammus that building a full tank by the way, or i get zed get fed then also lose 1vs1 trade vs a rammus that is have 0/1 or something, IT'S NOT FUN ANY MORE.
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