Has the ranked queue algorithm changed?

Hi guys, I guess there exist already some similiar threads to this topic, however, it really confuses me this season...so I want to ask anyway. So, last Season I got to Gold2 as Main Sup under 100 games. I know it's not high elo, but that's not the point. The point is, that since this season I am incredibly hard stuck S2. I was 9x times in S1 and got demoted again, due to an extreme high amount of afk people, inters, trollers or very unskilled people. I'd really prefer to wait 3 minutes in queue, if I get 9 mates who are on a similiar skill level like me, instead of waiting 10 secs in queue and get zero equal game matchmaking. I play 1 - 2 ranked games daily and I really can't say that any of my games was equal. it's either a super easy win, or an absolute lose. Has the algorithm changed again for this season? I have the impression, that the matchmaking was better last year, especially the first half of 2019. For 6 months I experience more and more absolute non-equal games and it's killing the fun in lol.
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