ADC self peeling

One of the problems of adcs right now is that they are super dependable on their team for survivng. Adc can't move an inch alone without getting exploded in seconds. I read that riot is planning on investing in defensive items for adcs so they will last longer but i don't think it's a good idea. Why not help the adcs to kite and peel for themselves? By increasing their access to move speed bonuses they will be able to show more skill and have higher chances of kiting, maintaining the distance and peeling for themselves. Right now zeal items only give 5% maybe change it to 7% or something like that (runaans will give 9%) and buff the move speed bonuses of stormrazor and fleet footwork. It won't increase the damage in the game but will make adcs more viable and less dependable on a peeling team. It will also give them some counters to the high mobility there is in thr game right now
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