Can this save us from intentional feeders in ranked games?

TL;DR If feeder in your team gets punished (for feeding, not verbal abuse), loss is prevented. Hello everyone. Recently there was a /remake added to the game, and it is a really big step to improve ranked games. So now we can deal with people who go AFK at the beginning of the game, why not make something that can save us from intentional feeders? Though intentional feeding is kind of a rare thing today, it is still frustrating to lose a game because of that, so there still should be something that allows us to deal with this problem. So i thought about this: 1. If you had an intentional feeder in your team, you lost, and he gets punished by the system (for feeding, not verbal abuse), LP that you lost gets refunded. 2. If you had an intentional feeder, lost, and he gets punished (for feeding, not verbal abuse) while you were playing in promotion series, you get a chance to play 1 more promotion series game. Why do we, who don't intentionally feed have to suffer? And that's it. Maybe something like this isn't new or perfect and could get some improvemnts, but i think it could work really well. Tell me what do you think in the comments.
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