TFT champions are unpredictable

I was really hoping TFT would be better or at least on the same level as Drodo Autochess, but it has one major flaw: the ai that controls your characters is extremely unpredictable. In autochess, your characters impl target the closest anemy and keep attacking it untill it either leaves range or dies, then move on to the next (with assassins jumping behind enemy lines at the start of the round). In TFT this is not the case - champions will quite commonly switch targets right when their previous target had just a sliver of health left, making positoning less relevant - I can place an assassin so that it should kill the enemy carry if I want to,but it will simply leave the adc at 1 aa left then start attacking a tank. The worst offenders at this are gunslingers, as they switch targets every time their class ability procs (new target is the last target hit by ability). Lucian is especially unusable, as he'll dash and re-target constantly, then just dash into an assassin and die. There's also some balance issues, but those aren't nearly as annoying as the rng involved in the ai of the champs.

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