The stupidity of peoples doing odyssey missions...

So right now its 5th time I was kicked out of group because I didn't build what they told me, didn't take augments they told me or just because we lost and they for some reason thought I was the culprit. Just last game I was kicked out just because my build differed from the build they posted in form of reddit link with just boots, I dared to take sorcery instead of lucidity. Doesn't matter I am consitently having best or second best minion score, damage to minions and damage to Kayn and I have consistently the lowest number of deaths in every game too. But I didn't build BOTRK on Yasuo or Lucidity on Jinx so we lost because of me. At least thats what they believe in lol. They read something on reddit or forums and it is meta. Doesn't matter you have success with jinx, they read it must be 4 yasuo + malphite so if you won't take Yasuo but Jinx they will surrender and kicks you out. Sometimes they try it but after they all die like 6 times in first map and then I die too for first time and we lose 1 attempt they will say we lost because I took Jinx... Or like we get into Kayn and we get wiped by his third form just because unlucky (and also because ppls die too much, I often see 105 sec respawn times when I die for first time...) but they immediately leave group, sometimes they even say "we lost because you all are bad". Which is sometimes true of course but when it is coming from 0/13 yasuo with 30minions with 10k dmg on Kayn it loses creditibility... There was even this guy that wrote he needs help with 5 ziggs mission on this forum. I added him, and he told me we must go 2 augments (most likely those for W that has been nerfed). I said the mission is hard enough with 5 augments and he said nooo it must be 2 augments so I finish both missions... *facepalm* And yes it is a thing. Especially in early days when there was lot of players who just get into onslaught everyone in lobby wanted to go 4 augments and sometimes 5 yasuo and 4 augments (so they would finish 3 missions at once). When I asked them if they won this difficulty yet every single one of them said no... So they haven't beated it yet but want to do it with 2/3/4 augments so they finish multiple missions... Seriously it is not even funny.
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