Keystones are terrible for AP mids.

Let's check the ferocity tree. Heal on crit? Uh no. Bonus damage on autoattacks? Good for Teemo and Cho, I guess? Abilities cause a DoT that scales with AP? Nice! Oh wait, only 20% AP scaling. And less effective for AoE spells, which is what mages have. How about the resolve tree? A heal after 4s in combat? How would a mage ever be in combat for 4s? And the heal scales with max health, the most health an AP mid would build is {{item:3027}} {{item:3116}} ... Bonus health from killing siege minions? That won't really matter and it will take a very long time to get the 300 hp. Redirecting damage to yourself? We're squishy, we want to avoid taking damage. This is for the main tank. So, the cunning tree now. Heals and shields? We're not supports. And half of the effect is wasted because it's a solo lane. Bonus AoE damage? Huge cooldown for the terrible base damage and AP scaling it has. And it requires hitting a full combo to proc. There is only 1 decent keystone for AP Mids - stormraider. Good synergy with burst, helps kiting, dodging skillshots, almost guaranteed to proc if you hit a combo on a squishy, which is who you will be targeting. For a mastery system that promised to offer tons of choices, it really failed to deliver when it comes to mages.
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