The problem with ADCs is a problem about team play

Mind that all of this is coming from a silver 1 (bronze) toplaner, whose first language isn't English. I recently started playing dota 2, because reasons. I don't like it very much now but I keep playing because I'm curious about discovering new heroes and shit. If you think the meta was bad before crit changes, you have no idea what is it like in dota: all the team centres around one carry and they are basically slaves to what he says and needs. However, people are ok with that there? I talked with a dota player (who plays league) about it and I came to a conclusion that may be very obvious to some but was eyes opening for me. Many people, riot themselves I belive, think that ADCs are hard to balance because they are either useless or 2v8 with their support. These seems to be the only two states that adc can find themself. This isn't something new after all, remember the "Adc in 2k17" meme that then became the ardent cancer meta? So the question seems to be: do we allow adcs to mindlessly right-click while being kept alive by their allies to win, or do we put them in a situation where they get out damaged by Pyke support, while still being the most fragile class in the game. However, it actually isn't. The problem is that in league we don't recognize teamwork. Those adcs mindlessly autoing? They need a team to be protected. Those tanks and support are putting in a lot of effort to keep their carries alive. But since the one doing damage is just right clicking they don't deserve the win? Maybe. Before deciding where we want adcs to be we must ask ourselves: do we want to reward team play more or less than the skills of the individual. EDIT: I really appreciate the feedback I'm receiving but the question isn't about if adc are or not unskilled or if they require teamwork. We all know adc are useless without a team to peel for them, but can be braindead right click machine if protected correctly. This is commonly accepted it isn't the point of my post. The issue I'm trying to highlight is that we and riot need decides if the solo carry deserves to win more than the team that works togheter to make the adc kill everyone. Until we figure this out everyone will be pissed.
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