"Cheating" in TFT thanks to a premade ?

I'm not sure what riot or the comunity thinks of this but if you play TFT with a premade you can give them an unfair advantage over the 6 other players at the cost of your own loss Here's how it goes : - your premade tells you which champ he wants to 3 star, for this example we'll pick vayne, ww and nidlee - you constantly roll and horde on the champs they want - your premade builds up his econ until golems - you sell all of the champs that your premade wants right before golems - your premade hard rolls just after you sold everything (don't wait for after golems as other players might want to roll at that point too) - magic, your premade randomly gets spammed with the champs you just sold I've tried that multiple times with a premade to see if it was just luck or if we was onto something, and she consistantly got 3 stars with most of the champs I was hording for her Idk, is this just luck at play or did I find a cheaty way to get 2-3 3-stars at lvl 4 ?
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