Was Kassadin rework failure by RIOT?

As he is in the spotlight by the new skin, let's discuss this toon: Whenever a champion is either too strong or too weak when adjusting numbers but never in between, the problem is in their kit, so it is supposed to be fixed by rework of giving a champion a new kit. Was that a case for Kassadin? He still got pretty much the same old kit and the same problems, RIOT instead set in in the weak state, I tried playing him in free week and god damn - the lack of impact is real! I remember what he was like before - tanky assassin with 5 second flash was just far too much to deal with, but is it acceptable to keep a champion in a roster who is pretty much a garbage? Is another rework coming? The "old" Kassadin could be fixed by simply getting his Ult COOLDOWN increased after consecutive casts instead of mana cost, also adding let's say 1,5 second time after taking damage which prevents Ult being cast, similar to Rengar ult delay would fix it - it would also make his AoE slow more meaningful, maybe add a little knockback to it, then it would give an opportunity to back off and get the timer removed to Ult away - these changes would allow him roam around the map, allow him to be tanky and do damage but remove the obnoxious out of jail card - enabling healthy counterplay to a reasonably powerful but balanced champion. What do you think?
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