Should harder champions be more rewarding than others when mastered?

Now, ofc on first sight almost everyone is gonna think 'yes'. They put way more time into learning that hard Champion, why shouldn't they be rewarded? But then... (random examples, obviously fits to other Champions too) Let's say we have one Azir main, that can use Azir as good as possible. And then we have an Annie (for comparisons sake mid) main, that can use Annie as good as possible. Both also mastered every other aspect of the game. While Azir had to spend lots of time on mastering Azir, Annie had to spend time on Annie to master her too. And both had to spend most likely more time to get good at the game, at everything else that doesn't depend on their Champion. Should Annie be weaker now just because she chose a different champion? Liked and wanted to main and master a different champion? As someone who rather enjoys playing 'easy' champions it's something I've been wondering about lately, and I hope we can get a nice discussion going. :3 Please be Aware: - Following question is not related to whether you think he is or not, just if you think he should be. - I'm not talking about direct comparison, there will be situations (or metas) at which either excels, but about their general 'strenght', not bound to certain ingame events.
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