What do i need to do to carry those silvers?

Please, give me some advice because It's literally blowing my brains out. Every game is the same game. We leave laning phase with either a huge advantage or a disadvantage and what people procced from this point is forget there are those 2 lines on the map which are called "side lanes", they forget their turrets, they forget the drake they forget the jungle camps and just group up mid to fight 24/7. If we happen to win a teamfight, everyone goes B... If we happen to get a pick, GREAT! lets take the drake! oh... nvm they died in a tower dive to a 7/2 yasuo I find myself shouting commands in chat for the entire team to get shit done because none of them think of pushing that top lane with a HUGE incoming minion wave to our turret. Best case scenario they listen to me and do what i say, what usually happens is they don't. What i do in games where my team is dominating in teamfights is usually split the entire game and take all the objectives alone. doing that usually ending up with like 15% kill k/p and 20k damage to objectives or something, but it still wins us the game. The only problem is when my team is not winning the team fights, so i can't split. They just run down mid, die. respawn, run down mid, die. Most of the people in this elo enter the 25 minute mark with less than 100 farm, so they're not really building any items either, just straight up fighting 24/7 What the hell am i supposed to do?
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