Top 10 (Pollitically) Strongest Champions According to the Lore

So, I recently made a top 10 most powerful champions in the lore and it has been pretty successful. I have to admit, I doubt that this thread will get as much love as the last one, but, please like this thread if you enjoy it. By the way, my brother (Don) will post this thread on another site, I let him use the last thread too, so, don't hate on him. (fun fact, he is 5 years older then me and **I** am the one helping **him**.) Keep in mind, there may be some mistakes here, I don't know everything about the lore, just a large portion of it. 10: {{champion:89}} Leona **She is the leader of the Solari, and she is also allied to Rakkor tribe. A large majority of her army uses their physical strength over magic, and they are also assisted by the sun itself.** 9: {{champion:238}} Zed **Sadly, I had to put him on this list instead of {{champion:98}} Shen because the Order of Shadows is CURRENTLY above the level of the Kinkou Order. They are able to practice the forbidden magics, but they also practice martials arts.** 8: {{champion:21}} Sarah AKA Miss Fortune **Most people wouldn't expect such a rise of power from someone as simple as {{champion:21}} Sarah, but, at the moment, she is the uncrowned queen of Bilgewater, now that {{champion:41}} Gangplank is presumed to be dead. Even tho she controls a large portion of Bilgewater, another portion of Bilgewater has no leader, not to mention that civil wars are all over Bilgewater. Magic isn't practiced at all in Bilgewater, instead, it focuses on firepower.** 7: {{champion:268}} Azir **After the fall of Shurima, his army was destroyed, but, he was able to recreate his army. Even tho the army is litteraly made out of sand now, it is still quite powerful, but it has it's flaws simply because it's made out of sand.** 6: {{champion:23}} Tryndamere **He is the king of the Avarosan tribe (even tho the position of queen is higher then the position of king in the Avarosan tribe), and he also rules the Barbarians. Barbarians mostly use their physical strength, but the same cannot be said about the rest of Avarosan tribe.** 5: {{champion:127}} Lissandra **We don't know how big her army is, but, we can already assume that, with the help of Watchers and {{champion:48}} Trundle, and the current alliance with the Avarosan tribe, she is in a strong position at the moment. Her army uses both physical and magical powers.** 4: {{champion:43}} Karma **She is one of the leaders of the 3rd most powerful faction, Ionia. She didn't get the number 3 spot simply because she rules just a small part of Ionia. Ionian army is full of all sorts of mages, warriors, ninjas...** 3: {{champion:22}} Ashe **Ashe is the queen and the official leader of the Avarosan tribe, the biggest tribe in Freljord. With a powerful and committed army and Barbarians at her disposal, she easily takes the number 3 spot on this list. She shares her army with {{champion:23}} Tryndamere.** 2: {{champion:59}} Jarvan IV **Noxus and Demacia are rivals, they both have a very strong army and many allies, but {{champion:59}} Jarvan IVth is just a prince, not a King. In Demacia, magics and physical strength are equally trained.** 1: {{champion:50}} Swain **He is in complete control over Noxus. Citizens of Noxus are forced to learn how to fight, and, they are also able to learn dark magics that no other faction would allow. The strength and agility of their soldiers is matched only by Demacia.**
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