I can't seem to find the ''perfect'' champion for me.

So as the title says I can't seem to find a ''perfect'' champion, and I thought maybe someone could help me? So I think the most important thing with playing a specific champion is ''fun''. Because well, if you don't have fun playing that one specific champion, why play it? I always try the champions from the free champion rotation, and I have seen a few were I thought ''Hey those seem interesting'' but at the end, they feel a bit boring. So these are the things I like: * Mages. * A champion that isn't played a lot. (Its maybe a bit weird, but I just feel more comfortable with playing a champion that isn't played a lot, like under the 10% to be played) * A champion that isn't banned a lot. (Which is kinda logical for me) * A champion that will always be fun to play The champions that were the closest for me are: {{champion:142}} She was always fun to play but I started to play her less and less, and now she feels not fun anymore. {{champion:99}} Lux is a fun champion, and I still play her. But I want to try something harder where you can make a lot of flashy plays and not just Poke, Poke and then Q > E > R > E I want to make one thing clear, no offense against people who do like these champs. I'm not saying they are bad or not cool. But I just want to try something new. :) I know its hard, (If you want to help me) and I'm sorry about that, but I'm just really curious for another champion. I'm open for advice, or anything else. And I'm really grateful if you want and try to help me :)
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