The biggest problem with the removal of normal draft - Breaking some of the community

The real problem with Flex/Removing Draft on EUNE - Killing some of the community * /r/leagueoflegends
Ok, so there is already a topic about this response: [Riot post about the...
Basicly Riot is just going against their own policy to build a healthy community, where people can play together. Now, they are even crushing a **7 year old group into pieces** which was only growing by the time. No joke, this is the first and only action which could lead us to **unable to play** anymore. Some of us are here since beta, most of us is here for almost 5-6 years and now our community just **got killed.** The only solution we could think about is **moving to EUW** so our community can live longer in LoL, but not everyone is willing to play for something, which was free till now. What was free till now? **Having fun together!** So what now? **Will we get a free transfer BACK to EUW?** We ALL come back to EUNE from EUW, just because we wanted our "destined" server to grow in population and build up a community here. Now, we feel betrayed. I think, everyone who was on EUW once , should have a free transfer back, but if I wouldn't be selfish, I would say: **everyone should get a free transfer now.**
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