Troll Teammates

Seriously. Why the hell are people even playing this game who are intentionally trolling you already in the champion select? They see what you want to pick and they fking ban your champion (no, it's not about lux). It's my 5. game where these assholes banned my champion. It's not even a "broken meta" champ or something like that, I just wanted to play Orianna mid. What the hell is wrong with them? And it's not even like "Oh, sorry, I didn't pay attention" or something like that. I mean I wouldn't say a single bad word if they did it because they really didn't see it but they ban the champion, I ask why and the only answer I get is ":)))))))))))" or "ahahahaha noob". I seriously start to hate this community. (I know, not everyone is like that but you know what I mean) And yeah I'm salty af, but for a good reason. Yeah ofc I could play another champion but if you start a game because you want to play a certain champ and they just ban your pick... It's kinda fked up.
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