Some skills in a need of tweaks.

What's with the Ekko's ult riot, literaly a panic button and no counter play to it mostly. Give that skill a casting delay of 1,5 sec or so atleast then the players has to think ahead of time if he wants to dive or go balls deep. Like Taric ult has activation timer, Zilean has ability to counter the ult. Talon's E, First of all I like old talon E more. And now you gave him free escape/chase tool without mana cost. give that skill either longer CD to jump again or make it cost mana, and with each jump it cost's more. Mordekaiser, beign able to get free dragon ghost without using his ultimate... and then beign able to send it either to farm jungle or to the other side of the map to harass the lane. Make it so that he has to use ultimate skill to get the damn dragon. And stop giving every new champ a %damage from max hp. starting to think you are scraping the leftovers from the bottom of the pan. What skills do you think need to be tweaked for more balanced feel ?
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