Riot should do more to punish premades...

The system should not allow players with completely different MMR's to queue together in one game. You always get one insanely good player boosting crap players and its completely unfair and takes all the fun out of the game. People will always abuse this to get to ranks that they do not deserve and do not work for because they are being protected and leeching like parasites off other people's achievements. It just makes the game seem totally unfair and not fun at all. League is completely frustrating at the moment to play and the skill level of players matched together are all over the place because people are abusing the premade system in this way. Riot need to find a way of fixing this so that some "people" cannot profit off the legitimate work of other, more skill players. I refuse to believe that the only way to succeed at this game now is to "get a friend" with a ridiculously high rank. Riot also need to lock one account to each computer IP in order to prevent people from smurfing since this is completely ruining the new player experience, or at least create an algorithm that detects that an IP has another account and queues them with other smurfs rather then new players as it drives players away. But I guess Riot are not good enough programmers to consider this.
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