Aurelion Sol Broken or Useless ?

Okey so from what I've seen so far, Aurelion is Kind of both, like every champ tbh, it's just that many champs can do his job but way better, and also almost all champs can easily counter him. Without his ult he is like a really good snack for everyone, and without {{item:3116}} he is not even a threat. But in late game, he is really strong in the good hands , and with the right team. There is no way to balance Sol without changing his kit. So what do you think guys ? should we change the passive ? the Q ? E ? or his ult ? the changes I thought about on his spells are : Passive : make the stars a little bit closer Q : he can instantly detonate it, and the larger it grows , the more damage it deals. W : Add a star at : lvl 6/11/16 *if all the changes from above are not going to happen* or make it so CC will not stop it E : I had three ideas for the E changes the first one : E Passive : same passive E Active : Just like Sion's ult but could pass through walls like Kayne's E and nothing could stop him , could cast all his spells, can also be deactivated *he is a dragon forger of stars after all* or E Passive : none E Active : 20%/30%/40%/50% + %ms depending on his ap immune to slow like Yi R : perfect maybe add some kind of passive to it Im not saying we should add all the changes from above, but some of them could be used and why not? if you know let us know in the comments Cheers {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} ~Fries
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