League of legends matchmaking is shit

The matchmaking in league of legends its broken. Since 2009 the matchmaking has been broken. People with high skill get matched up with kids with litterly no game knowledge, feeding and all kinds of stupid ass shit. I am pissed for the ranking system too. I am a skilled lol player but in s6 i was shit but i got good in the end. I had 2 wins out of 10 with shit scores and i got bronze 3, THIS YEAR i had 6 won and 4 loses i played only shaco with scores like 34/8 28/6 and i got placed BRONZE 4 like wtf Riot? Now i am pissed because i was in promos for bronze 1 and i got placed with this retards. Its just broken fix it please, Or something 8 years we've been waiting and you still havent fixed it yes
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