Can't Say I Understand Matchmaking Anymore

I really can't say that I understand matchmaking anymore. I am hard stuck in Gold 3 for the entire season, when preseason I was easily winning games in Plat 4 and have been Plat every season since S3. Now I can't get out of gold and my MMR is bouncing everywhere. I have won 4 Promos to gold 2 thus far, and every time I got there, I received a loss streak and got instantly demoted again. And then look at the MMR of these games (particularly the 2 most recent). How does this make sense? 200 MMR difference from one game to the next? One game there are Gold 4 and 5 teammates, next Plat 4 and 5 ? And why am I matched against people on Plat 4 and 5 when I am supposedly Gold 3 (and deserve to be, according to the logic of the game, since I was instantly demoted after 1 loss on 0 LP this time)? Add that to the beauty of a system that matches you against people of higher MMR and with a higher win rate even when on loss streaks (51 %+ on several enemies, while i have 48 % (10 losses more than wins total)) and the fact that you already have very little agency to carry games unless you absolutely roflstomp early game and I have to say this does not feel rewarding at all. To be quite honest it is infuriating and depressing. Especially since there seems to be no logic and the system is not transparent at all. All of these games were solo by the way, I didn't duo at all this week and even with duo (G1/P5) I have a below average winrate
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