The issues with TT and suggestions for how the map could be improved

**Tl;dr: Asking Riot to look further into improving TT now that they've started looking at the funnel strat. I've showed some examples of problems with the gamemode and offering some suggestions on how they could be fixed. Do you have any problems/solutions to add?** Now that Riot is finally looking into the funnel strat from LoL's 'forgotten' gamemode, I think this is a good time to start a conversation about TT in general before they forget about it again for the next 2 years. TT hasn't received any changes map-specific changes since 6.14, so it is long overdue for at least its own QoL/changes patch, similar that ARAM got. Below are some problems I've had with the game and some possible solutions. Please keep in mind however that these are the opinions of a Silver 2 player who doesn't get to play games on a regular, consistent basis. I'm not about to pretend to be a Challenger-level TT player who knows exactly what he's talking about, listed every problem, and that my 'solutions' must be added to make TT enjoyable. It's very likely that I haven't addressed common problems from high-elo TT as I don't have that experience. **I just want to start a discussion about TT so that it gets a bit more attention than what it is now**. If I have made any assumptions or said anything that is wrong, please tell me and explain and I will edit it. If you have any other problems to add, please do. But I've still played quite a bit of TT and enjoyed parts of it. I feel like this mode has much more potential but its current issues mean that games can be boring with its stale meta and people don't want to play because of it. If we can fix a lot of these issues, it will make the quality of games better/more interesting (e.g. ARAM bench, relic 'Redemption' changes) for those of us who already play and can encourage more people to play as the meta is no longer boring and stale. **Problems** * Not enough bans- With so many obnoxious champions to ban in a less balanced game mode, 6 bans isn’t enough right now. With so many powerful picks, they can still get through the ban phase * No official position assignment like SR- For example, sometimes you go into teams where 2 people want jungle. Probably not a major issue (In my games, this issue has been resolved without problems) but I don’t know if the rest of you have had the same luck and got that occasional game where two players fight over jungle * Champion balance- Fighters, tanks (especially tank supports) are very strong. Garen, Illaoi, Poppy, Taric, Braum, Alistar, Leona some of the best champions in this mode. Tank support/funnel meta is the strongest and from what I’ve seen in most TT-related posts, support-meta is mostly disliked * Marksmen and (ironically for this gamemode) a lot of assassins worst role in TT. Most marksmen all <45% or just above. Most assassins generally weak. Nidalee, Akali, Elise all very bad and join marksmen in lowest WR, Kassadin, Evelynn, Zed, Jayce, Lee Sin <45% (I don't know how accurately the LoLalytics figures represent the actual balance of the roles. In low-elo, I don't think they matter too much, I'm climbing fast on Swain who at the time was on a 46% WR (this was before 8.11) and one of my friends has no problems playing Akali despite her 40% WR. What's the situation in high-elo for these champs?) (When using winrates and statistics, I got them from [LoLalytics]( Some of the stats may be slightly higher/lower as I originally posted a similar thread on Reddit 2 weeks after the ARAM patch and I've decided to repost it here now Riot are paying some attention to TT, but the general issue with their numbers is still the same) * No altar timers, Vilemaw death isn’t announced. Common requests I see in posts like these. Also, capturing 2 altars right now isn't worthless, but it feels like capturing 2nd is more to deny the movement speed bonus from enemy than to increase your team’s strengths, second effect also becomes useless as the game continues. Also, what are your opinions on Vilemaw as an epic monster? Much less gold/XP than Baron, 'Baron' Buff for TT has stats bonus and recall removed. The buff Vilemaw gives also isn’t worth the effort needed to take him down, he deals too much damage and the team who started Vilemaw will almost always loose ensuing teamfight if enemy team arrives to contest (this has been the case in all my games both when we’ve started and when enemy has) if they don't have healing sources. Again, it isn't worthless, but should he give more or is he too powerful? * Can’t earn mastery tokens for S grade performances * Passive gold gain is slower than SR on this ‘quicker’ gamemode- TT is meant to be the quicker gamemode, but passive gold gain is lower here than SR (SR 20.4 per 10, TT 16 per 10). I always feel that I’m not earning gold fast enough and it takes so long to even get minor items, even when I’m crushing my lane opponent, so it wasn’t surprising to see this stat but at the same time it sort of was because why does the quicker gamemode have a slower passive gold gain? **Possible solutions** * **Increasing the number of bans may not be necessary if balancing changes are made**, but if there are no balancing changes, this definitely needs to be increased. However, simultaneous ban phase like SR draft/ranked may not be much of an improvement for TT as it is less balanced than SR, so I feel that both teams are much more likely to ban the same set of champions. Personally, I would suggest making the ban phase similar to what we have now but lock in 2 bans per turn (Either one player bans 2 champs or two players ban 1 champ each until all have banned 2 champs), so still 12 unique bans but ban phase isn't any longer. * Opinions on removing support items to remove support/funnel meta and keep meta to one jungle and 2 laners? As a question to high-elo players, do people call for bot or top and is there a big difference in their playstyles? Haven’t noticed much in low-elo, there isn't really any pattern to what role goes to which lane * Champion roles/classes could be balanced by looking at items and making versions specific to TT. Remove or rework items into weaker TT-versions if the role is too strong, add new items or rework them into stronger TT-versions if the role is too weak. Now that it’s been reworked for squishy AD players, add GA to TT? Anything to help AP assassins needs to make sure this doesn’t affect the high WR mages e.g. Brand, Orianna could be solved by making item(s) melee only (Even with Nidalee and Elise with their transformations)? * Altar times, make second altar effect more interesting * Vilemaw announcement, buff the buff (Maybe add combat stats to make contesting more valuable for team that secures buff for ensuing teamfight), and less damage or less HP * Allow players to earn mastery tokens from TT, also allow players to complete missions on TT, or at least provide TT (and ARAM) alternatives when some missions are map-specific e.g. warding, dragons/baron * Increase passive gold gain above SR value (if there’s a problem caused by it being higher than SR, it should at least be equal to SR value) * Fix/Patch any issues when they appear on TT- I'm not asking for Riot to set up a dedicated balance team for TT with balancing updates with every patch, but I do think they should keep an eye on TT so that if something needs to be nerfed/changed/buffed, they do it (e.g. If Ashe had a really low WR, I don't think they should buff her with TT-specific changes. But if marksmen as a class all have a low WR, then I do think Riot should make changes to make playing marksmen on TT viable) Are there any other problems with TT, or any other possible solutions you might have? Post them below. I'll also link [this post]( which is similar to mine, it's a challenger TT player who goes into more detail (includes issues about a smite bug and high-elo queue times) I'm hoping this will start a bigger discussion about TT and that lots of people, hopefully including Riot, sees this, so any more ideas that you have to add would be appreciated. Thanks for reading!
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