Literal Zoe one shot in LCK, numbers and footage dissection + a little discussion involving Zilean

KDM vs. JAG - Week 3 Game 1 | LCK Spring Split | KONGDOO MONSTER vs. Jin Air GreenWings (2018)
VOD of KONGDOO MONSTER vs. Jin Air GreenWings (Game 1) LCK Spring Split Week 3 2018 #LCK KONGDOO MONSTER Lineup: Roach - Top Gnar Raise - Jungle Shyvana Edge - Mid Ryze SSol - ADC Ezreal Secret - Support Alistar Jin Air GreenWings Lineup: SoHwan - Top Ornn UmTi - Jungle Kha'Zix Grace - Mid Zoe Teddy - ADC Kalista Wraith - Support Taric Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK Champions Korea, LPL.
Devastating one shot in the LCK the other day from (shock) Zoe. This resulted in 3 inhibitors being taken, creating an near impossible to come back from map advantage. However, it was with a single Q, no E or set up. At first, I thought it was just because of the current disadvantage of Ez being 2 levels down. However, I did notice he had a QSS . This got me thinking so I decided to work out how much damage Zoe did roughly. Let's do some league math. Ezreal with QsS at level 16, roughly 65 mr and 1650 hp. taking into account the Voidstaff (reduces it to 42), 30 flat pen from boots he has 12 MR left. However, looking at JAG Grace's solo queue it's likely he took the blink penetration rune, leaving Ez with a princely 2 mr, roughly giving him an effective 1680 hp against magic damage. Her base damage on her Q is 300 and scaling is 66% AP, but at max range these increase 150%, to 750 and 165% respectively. 750 Ap build, gives 1235 magic damage, for 1985 damage without requiring any set up on her behalf. With an E she would have done another 1040. Ezreal, has a maximum hp of 1844. With only one interaction, a near full build Ezreal was one shot, and would have still been so if the level disparity didn't exist. However, I then did another think. What if Ezreal took the best MR option for an adc against burst, Maw? This would up his mr to 80. with VS 52 MR, flat pen. reducing it further to 22. This would give an 18% reduction to magic damage, reducing the 1985 damage to 1756. To clarify, this means even with the best offensive MR option available, Ezreal would have only survived through Maw's passive. If it had already been procced, he would have had to buy a spirit visage to consistently survive long range Zoe Qs. A fully upgraded mercurial scimitar would have done him no better as it only provides 5 more mr. I am aware Ezreal is squishy even by ADC standards, but I don't think other ADC's would fair much better. So those are the numbers covered, what about the gameplay? Well first, I want you to consider this. The champion that died to the skillshot was an Ezreal, one of the few champions with a blink on a basic ability, in the hands of a Korean pro. I think this was partially caused by an off hitbox, where the ADC assumed he could sidestep it. Watching the footage though, the Ezreal had very little time to react so this misjudgement was understandable. The Q traveled from beyond the destroyed tier 2 turret, Ezreal died just in front of the inhibitor turret. From where he died, if he had the camera locked Zoe would have only appeared when she teleported forward, which she did so at the latest possible time giving little to no time for Ezreal to react. This is unhealthy, and even worse, unhealthy without excuse. It could be argued that this is the result of experimentation, but I'd argue that we already had a good template to be built upon for what Zoe is trying to be: Zilean. A mage with their damage centered around one ability, and a second ability to help land the damaging one. However, even 8 years ago the designers knew that giving him too much damage in a single ability would be problematic to balance, so instead gave him a timeless ultimate that ensured he'd always have a chance to be relevant without being overbearing. They did not give him even more damage on his passive, nor did they give him an ult that increased his Q's damage even further whilst letting him nuke carries all the way from his space fortress on the planet Mars via his ridonkulous range. Zoe is currently sitting at a 57% win rate at pro play, and a 53% win rate in solo queue. This is a champion that's only been out for a month. Even a 50% win rate this early should be ringing alarm bells since players shouldn't have too good a grasp on the champion yet. But I digest. To CertainlyT, I only have this to say to you.
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