Super rare game, actually GG WP worthy

I know this might interest literally nobody, but this ARAM game was super intense. It was beautiful. Everyone in the team had a role to fulfill and nobody carried alone. Only through teamwork we achived victory. Literally every team member carried. I'm proud of each and every of my teammember for doing such a good job. Sure, the brand did the most damage, but without rammus and urgot tanking, master yi and mordekaiser would've had an ... "interview" with him on the couch every encounter. Oh yeah, and Yi was toxic. Saying "ez" after getting the first blood. We got the satisfaction of saying it back after the game lol. I've linked the replay of this game. Here's how to open a replay of the same patch: 1. download the replay 2. mark it and press ctrl + c on it, right click -> copy won't work 3. locate the client (usually C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Game\League of Legends.exe") 4. make a shortcut of the client anywhere you want to 5. on the shortcut, right click -> properties, click the "Target:" field, move the text cursor to the right until the end, add a space then press ctrl + v then press ok now you can double click on the shortcut to play the replay (again, only works when client version matches the replay version)
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