Please revert Kayle

Where to start. I've been playing this game for a long ass period of time, and invested a lot of money on it. I had a lot of fun with my friends, and have quite fond memories of it. I started playing before Riven was released. But lately, i'm feeling demotivated to play. It's like Riot is making a career of destroying my favourite champs, 1 by 1. But let's just focus on Kayle. Now Kayle is one of the oldest bunch. She never had a big player base (except for that brief moment she was op but got nerfed to oblivion), but the small fan base she got was loyal. I played her for like over 4 years. She was the last one of the old champs I liked. But then the rework came. As expected, people played her for 1-2 weeks as she was "new". Then discovered she was shit, and now no one plays her and is one of the weakest champs in the game. Now let me expose my complaints. This character has been destroyed from its root. She was a weak early, late game hyper carry, AA based champ. Now, since riot seems to hate AA champs except the ones i never liked to play anyone (like trynd, jax and yi), she's basically nothing. Picking her is an auto-lose on lane. There is NOT ONE SINGLE MATCHUP she can hold her own in. You better pray you are playing versus a monkey, because she's basically a minion before 6. Curious situation, since the diana rework was motivated by the fact that she sucked before 6, but let's ignote that fact. Now when you reach 6, you become a ranged minion. You have virtually 0 mobility, her scales are %%%%ed as hell, but at least you can farm from the distance right? Well good luck with that versus a champion with heavy cc or high mobility (basically everyone). But wait, you outscale in the late game right? Not really. Since you mostly ate shit for whole the lane phase, for the time "late" comes you are basically a weak AD. But not only that. She was pretty much the only female character with a real armor.She was that badass, left handed 2-winged figure. Now the devs looked for a petty excuse of an armor that seems to come out of a cheap ecchi game which crossovers with a League of Angels game, consisting in some useless looking plate and a full body suit. She evolves like a %%%%ing pokemon, which basically adds her wings. Why the %%%% would she want 6 wings? Her character was all changed. Even in the legendary skin, she talks like a minion now; where she used to rule, she's basically a slave robocop. She's even right-handed now. I beg you, she was my favourite for a long time. She's not in a useful/viable/fun state at all right now. She's not even remotly viable until you reach 6 and can farm like a coward rat. Almost no one plays her. Please let her as she was before the rework.
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