Thank you riot for lord dominik regards

Thank you Riot ! Finally my idiot friend can finally win games without minimal effort. Long time ago we told him to dont focus tanks, but he kept focused tanks. Again and again, and again. And he kept losing and again and again and again. Then {{item:3036}} came on. And now he rushes this item every game so he can melt tanks in seconds, so he focus tanks and still wins games. You think {{champion:157}} is op champion for mentally retarted people? <--- click this square to see truth Look how fast tank dies when someone just buy lord dominik regards. I had like 3500 hp and 150 armor. I died before i was able to use w on jinx. Even yasuo cant kill tank so fast without lord dominik regards. Pls riot remove this item or nerf him badly or i will not be able to fullfill my role as tank player. Because this item is a cancer.
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