It's Depressing How Much Effect Lane Priority has on the Jungler. Nerf Lane Prio.

So I was in this game. I was jax vs Kayn jungle. I started blue he started red. I started blue to match is path as I win skirmishes and he wants to avoid me. I did Blue, Gromp, Wolves skipped both scuttles because mid yasuo had prio. I did red and ganked top lane. He came to counter gank but Me and garen vs him and teemo we won and I got double kill. Full early game Yasuo had prio in mid against Victor. My bot lane MF lux vs Blitz tristana. Blitz and tristana somehow had prio all the time. I couldn't even walk up in the river and my mid was already solo killed twice. It was an infernal drake I wanted to fight but my victor got solo killled 3rd Time. Whole mid to bot river was in their control and can'nt even walk up. I was 2 0 and I couldn't find a single gank because all lanes are loosing. IT's like Jungle is lane difference. The thing is I was jax 2 0 and i thought if I can't gank I should just get farm because I scale dude YAsuo was chasing me off of my own Jungle and Victor can't even move because he is under turret. Please Nerf Lane Prio please. And bring back Scaling junglers please Riot. WTF is wrong with you. Look at LEC and LCK. Cuzz picked jax useless mid and late game no map pressure because lanes are losing. Time and time caster are just repeating themselves again and again. Even Dardoch himself said jungle is the worst role to play. You are good for 1 or 2 ganks. You just can't scale you just can't inting laners unless you are smurfing XD. Nerf Lane Priority
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